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The avatar composite materials

China·Cixi avatar composite materials co., LTD. Is a collection research and development,Production and sales in one of the high-tech enterprises。Company is located in the hangzhou bay bridge south cliff,Gather the elite from all walks of life here。Research and development of products of the company in the municipal road、The highway、Bridges、Residential area、Electric power、Road surface drainage system、Belong to the international leading level in the construction field。From design to provide solutions with leads the world level。Professional research on urban road drainage、Road drainage、Bridges and drainage、Drainage sewage systems in homes。Company products meet European standardEN124、BS.EN1433,American standardH-20,Australian standardAS-3996Standard,To go throughCECertification and long-term export to Europe and the United States。The company from the product application field of the analysis,Drawing design,Mold production,Products laboratory test,There are internal finish。Company research and development of new building materials has changed the traditional architectural technology,For the realization of the renewal offer innovative idea and service in the construction field。

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Product process briefly

The avatarSMCComposite materials products1、After raw material screening of acceptance,Into the pretreatment warehouse respectively,Will the moisture content of raw materials to ensure reaching targets。2、The production of the mixture:The unsaturated resin and all kinds of reagents filler mixed in proportion,And effective control of time。3、Throughout the yearSMCSheet glass fiber on amalgamation in resin slurry,After pressure roller bearing pressure moldingSMCSheet。4、Will beSMCSheet in conditioning room for processing。5、According to the different products and mould the sheet cutting,In the high temperature of mould。6、Materials under high temperature and high pressure molding,After cooling to flash storage at room temperature。

Product sales distribution

Avatar composite materials products after twelve years that's ceaseless effort,Products are exported to Chinese provinces,Ocean to the United States、Canada、The United Kingdom、Germany、Romania、The eastern European countries,India、Malaysia、The Middle East countries,Australia、The Czech republic、Countries such as Slovakia。

Enterprise qualification certificate

The avatar产品已Throughout the yearThe United Kingdom、The United States、Canada、Australia、Germany、Egypt、Syria、The Czech republic、Countries such as IndiaEN124、H-20、AS-3996Such as different levels of certificates。Through the national chemical building materials quality supervision and inspection centerCJ/121-2000Standard test。To obtain the state intellectual property office of the People's Republic of China patent,The patent number:200830143859.3


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